Monday, September 6, 2010

God commercialized

A Legend says that God is around all us
Stephen hawking says that god is not the creator
But in mumbai,the god we look at is worth Rs 52 thousand crore
That is the amount of jwellery the so called god is wearing

People and priests in the name of god are donating large amounts of jwellery to god

All this is bullshit

Shouldn't the money be spent on children’s education and health of the people instead of a pathethic display of wealth

To put into prespective
The so called triputi god owns jwellery worth half of a states budget and equal to india’s education budget

In the 21 st century
Not even god is now pure
He has been corrupted by the people and the psuedo priests

The phrase god helps those who help themselves has taken a new prespective